[Development] Image Compress

“Image Compress” can compress your images (*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.png; *.gif; *.bmp). Once you have selected a picture the program will show it and you can change the quality. The image will update live and you can visit the effect of the compression.
Another possibility is to save the compressed pictures. The lower the quality, the lower the memory requirement of the picture. You can save up to 2200% storage.

Let’s have a look at an example: The picture shown in the gallery is a 5K image and needs 6.41 MB memory. If you compress it down to 50% of the original quality you save 348% memory (1.84 MB) and the compressed picture is not pixelated and still looks good. On the lowest quality the size of the picture is only 300 KB.

When you save your pictures you can choose few things: an interval of the quality, the number of pictures and the directory where the compressed images are saved. You can abort the process of saving (Warning! After that, your filesystem could contain broken files). The compressed images are converted to the JPG format.

Source code available on GitHub.



  • Select picture with drag & drop or a filechooser
  • Change quality of picture
  • Play a diashow
  • Visit the effect of compressing
  • Save the actual picture (right click)
  • Compress and save pictures
  • Abort the process of saving pictures

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