[Development] Notelist

This Android App manages your school grades. You can add, change and delete subjects and grades. You have the average always in view, which considers the weighting of your grades. The stave goes from one to ten.
Furthermore, it will allow you to export your subjects and grades and import it at a later time. Thus it’s possible to transfer your subjects and grades to another device.

The backup is saved in the following path: “/sdcard/com.ffeichta.notenliste/notenliste_backup.db. From there you can import it any time. Because of this feature the app needs the read/write permission for the storage.

The app sticks to the directive of Material Design. Material Design is a design principle by Google for apps on Android. They announced the tenets and specifics of material design at the Google I/O 2014. Meanwhile Google updated Android (5.x) and all Google Apps to Material Design.

Notelist is available from Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Source code available on GitHub.



  • Add/change/delete subjects
  • Add/change/delete grades
  • Set weighting on each grade
  • Calculate average of a subject
  • Calculate average of all subjects
  • Highlight the negative (< 5.5) subjects and grades
  • Import/Export subjects with their grades
  • Document changes to the database in logcat
  • Material Design
  • Languages: English/German/Italian

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