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Runnergy is an Android application, which is able to record an activity, which you covered during a sporting activity, for example, running or cycling. Before you start, you tell the app to start tracking your activity and when you are finished, Runnergy calculates the distance and the average speed and lets you view the route on a map. 
If you decide to do the same activity one more time, you can compete against yourself.

The app tells you in certain intervals if you performed better or worse compared to a saved activity you did in the past. It is possible to compete against a specific, the best, closest-to-average or the worst performance of an activity.

The reason why I developed this application is that I do a lot of cycling in my freetime. For me it is important to get better every time. When I get better it is the biggest success for me. For this reason I time myself when I do long distances. The longest distances I ride on my bike are up to 50 kilometres, usually in the mountains. I make such long routes a few times a month. In the past, I only had the opportunity to figure out the total time difference at the end of doing a route multiple times, not the time difference during the activity. Important statistics like the distance I travelled and the average speed were also unknown.

Now I have Runnergy that tracks my activities on my phone. The app manages my activities and shows me their characteristics such as the average speed. The best comes when I do the same activity again: In a notification I can see how good or bad I am anytime. It is not even necessary to unlock the phone, a quick look to a notification is enough to see the difference. If I am slower than before, it can be a incentive to cycle faster.

Runnergy is my matura project of the school year 2015/16.

Source code available on GitHub.
Visit the documentation here.



  • Add/change/delete tracks
  • Add/delete activities
  • FusedLocationProviderAPI minimizes usage of battery
  • Set the unit of length, format of date, interval of requesting the actual location and type of map
  • Material Design
  • Languages: English/German

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