[Development] UDP Chat

This chat uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets to send messages between computers in your private network. The communication between the clients is managed by a server. The amount of clients is unlimited. 
There’s a public chat where everyone receives your messages, if you want to chat with a single person you can choose this person from a list. It’s also possible to send small images.

The size of the pictures is limited to a few kB because the maximum size of a UDP datagram is 65.535 Bytes. It’s enough to send emoticons.

This application was a work order at school. Parts of the code are written by Florian Klotz.

Note: If a client can’t reach the server try to disable the firewall on the PC of the client and the server.

Source code available on GitHub.



  • Multiple clients
  • Live update of clients connected to the server
  • Status messages like ‘Mister X logged out’
  • Graphical user interface: Nimbus

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